A Message for the Holidays

November 23rd, 2010 → 3:18 pm @ // No Comments

No matter what you call it, or how you celebrate the Christmas Holidays, the common denominator is: LOVE.

So open your heart, and for only a few pennies and effort, make a visit to an animal shelter and get to know some of the Cats who are looking for a loving home.
Several of my purrfect companions were “rescues,” and believe it, no animal is more grateful.

In my new book, FIRST PERSON CAT, I tried to show the beautiful little soul beneath all that fur. I wove a lot of history about Cats into the plot – yes I did – but only to help the reader understand all the LOVE that is a natural ingredient to owning a Cat. For those of you who’ve always thought that Cats are independent, think again,.  You won’t find a more loving yet unimposing companion, and if you follow my advice, you’re in for one of the most beautiful surprises, ever.

The Secret Ingredient for choosing your new friend:  Let the Cat choose you, and with your new friend in tow, you’ll realize that the saying, “Christmas is Love,” surpasses the truth.

Yes, “Christmas is Love,” so Love to you on this one!


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